Thursday, 9 July 2009

World Of Seeds autoflowering-Afgan Kush Ryder fem auto

Afgan Kush Ryder fem auto

Bank: World of Seeds Bank Sex: Feminized Way of crop: Exclusive for indoors. Outdoors the crop is reserved for the months from may/june when the photoperiod is on its maximum. Linage: Pure Landrace proceeding from Afghanistan re-crossed with Rudelaris. Genotype: indica-rudelaris 100% Hight: 40-80 cm Wight: Limitated to what one stem can proporcionate. It is not recommended to do cuttings with autoflowering strains. Growing phase: its growing phase depends on its flowering phase. Flowering phase: 45-55 days indoors and outdoors. Its flowering does not depend on a photo period. Resistance to mildew: High Resistance to plagues: Middle/ High. Irrigation tolerance: It does not like to many irrigations because of its rudelaris genetic. Fertilization is tolerated specially in advanced phases of flowering. Production: 100-150 gr /m2 indoors Medical value: High Smell: Hahs Taste: Noble wood Effect: very narcotic, almost devastating. THC Level: 22% Number of seeds per bag: Awards : not indicated. Description: This new cross between Afghan and Rudelaris gives a new autoflowering indica characteristic. The aspect shown is from the well known Afghan Kush with the autoflowering appreciated because of its rudelaris genotype. It is actually an Afghan Kush with a reduced size but with an independent photoperiod. A new special treat for lovers of this legendary variety.
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This Afghan cannabis variety is just so delicious - great smoke and high