Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Green-o-Matic - auto -Feminized Green House Seeds

5 seeds per pack Green House Seeds Green O Matic guarantees a low profile thanks to the small size and fast flowering time, allowing growers to operate in very small spaces indoor or in otherwise impossible conditions outdoors. Thanks to a long and peculiar selection process of the existing autoflowering strains, crossed with selected Moroccan and Asian autoflowering, Green House Seed Company is now proud to introduce the new standard in automatic flowering, 100% feminized: the GREEN-O-MATIC. The plants are ready in 55-60 days from start, with a flowering time under 6 weeks. The main advantage indoors is that the small size (30-40 cm at harvest). Planting is possible at any time of the year as long as the temperature does not drop below 15 degrees Celsius at night. In places like the Mediterranean coastline it is possible to plant all year round. GREEN-O-MATIC cannabis seeds is dedicated to all urban outdoor growers, to all guerrilla growers, and to all those who need a short, fast, reliable autoflowering strain. With the 100% quality guarantee you only get from Green House seed Company. The aroma of the GREEN-O-MATIC is already kicking at week 4-5 of flowering, and the resin becomes frosty and thick at week 6. The total grow and flowering time is under 8 weeks, but in purely commercial operations harvesting is possible after just 7 weeks. The sweet indica smell, with a flowery bouquet and a slightly spicy background, is very complex.

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