Sunday, 2 December 2012

contest 2012/2013

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The correct answare is chilli plant

and the first to get it right is Testa Rossa



Hi to all .
Been so close to Xmas i decided to make a gift i am not a rich man so i can give a present only to one person i did not know to whom give this present so i decide to make a contest and the one that win get the present.
The winner will get
5 feminized auto flowering seeds
I put down some rules that contestant have to follow, i know that we all would like to live with no rules but only for this time bear with me .

1) the first that get it win the contest

2)contest end on 15 gen 2013

3) one guess each

4) to participate you must post your answer in my blog comment at the end of the page

5) you have to live a contact e mail in your comment post so i am able to contact you in case you win
6)you must be 18 or over to participate. before sending the praise we will ask you proof of age if you are not 18 we will give the prize to the 2nd that guess it right

this is it hope is not too much for you

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5% discount code cbb10 5% discount code alfa


jeremybrett said...

a cucumber

Seeds Bank said...

sorry but is the wrong answer but in the right way

doctorspliff said...

les feuilles embriyonnaire du debut d une graine de cannabis

Seeds Bank said...

it makes fruits green and red

Testa Rossa said...


Seeds Bank said...

please post in English so everyone can understand thanks
and we need contact e mail your forum or your Facebook said...

Bilimbi Averhoa

doctorspliff said...

ok, apples

firekush said...

bell pepper or watermelon - FKS

Anonymous said...


Seeds Bank said...

please stop posting the contest has been won we will publish the winner in the next few day we will contact him and send him his prize and watch out for the next one have fun