Monday, 4 February 2013

New Contest .Win 5 fem auto cannabis seeds

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And the winner is

Mr Scott Okeefe . 

It was a difficult choice from our side,
we had 2 participants guessing it right , 
We decided to give the prize to the first one That was
Deb Quittenton 
In the base of the time she posted her answer but she some how does not want to prove her age .
 As the rules of the contest state we cannot give the price to minor or people that do not want to prove their age

Mr Scott Okeefe


you will be contacted for shipping info


contest ended


Ok here we are with a new contest .

Contest will last till someone guess it right .
Winner will get 5 autofowering feminized cannabis seeds.
Winner must be 18 or over and must proof it.
Winner will have not to spend a cent to get his seeds .
To answer to the contest's question you must post a comment with a name and a contact e-mail or Facebook account name or forum and forum nick name to contact you in case you win .your comment will have to be approved by me before to go public



What is it ???

this is the new pic so you can see better



this plant is well known for its properties related to indigestion, stomach cramps, menstrual cramps, flatulence, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and colic in children

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Anonymous said...

looks like a small fern.

Tuvac Tube said...

Looks like a seedling stretching for light ;o)_~

lisa said...

lisa says itts a Kiddney

pato mars said...

a carnivorous plant

Seeds Bank said...

Tuvac Tube thank you for your helpful post ,but you need to tell me what plant it is try again

dinatech said...

its a venus fly trap

Anonymous said...

uster of seeds sprouting thank you

Seeds Bank said...

Hi to all no one got it yet ,i will give a hint in 2 days time so come back you can give multiple answer.
and do not forget to live a contact so we can contact you if you win

Anonymous said...

a cluster of cannabis seeds sprouting

dinaatech said...

hot pepper

Ronald Mitchell said...


Ronald Mitchell said...


Kristin said...

That is a male flower. HURRY..get it outta there, STAT...before it ruins the entire crop of females.

Michael Alvarado said...

looks like maybe ginger or cat nip

scot said...

It's a majuana plant that is reverted back to veg state

Deb Quittenton said...

Permint helps with all that.
Deb Quittenton

scot said...

Is it mint

Harold Emery Lents Jr. said...