Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Afghan-Spliff Seeds

Spliff Afghan is a pure indica marijuana variety from the Spliff Bronze seed collection with a hashish odour and fruity flavours. Originated in Afghanistan, in close proximity to the Tajikistan borders, Afghan marijuana has been known for its stability, potency and consistency. Spliff seed breeders hand selected, organically grew and regularly tested every parent plant in order to keep the Afghan natural abilities. These Spliff seeds are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Indoor flowering takes just 8 weeks during which young plants stretch up to 1.5 m high and produce as much as 400 gr of the best quality marijuana per m2. Outdoors, Afghan seeds perform well in almost all European/US countries; they grow up to 2 m and finish in October with app. 600 gr of yield per plant. No particular difficulties were noticed during the cultivation. This strain is highly tolerant to irrigation and fertilization. Afghan marijuana contains 21.6% THC, has a long shelf life, delivers strong indica relaxing effects and is widely used for her high medicinal abilities.

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