Saturday, 13 November 2010

Dutch Blue Automatic-Spliff Seeds feminized

Genetics Blueberry x Lowryder x Ruderalis Contents: Flowering: 9 weeks Yield: 15-35 gr/plant THC: 13-15% Type: feminized autoflowering

Dutch Blue Automatic is an autoflowering feminized indica dominant marijuana variety from the Spliff Gold seed collection with a mild skunky odour and smooth flavour and a headed buzz. This strain has been formed with the original Lowryder, Ruderalis and Blueberry genetics; she is more stable than the original Lowryder; her Ruderalis roots are originated from Siberia (Russia) and make her well suited for growing outdoors in Northern countries. Dutch Automatic feminized seeds are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Like any other autoflowering seed, these Spliff feminized ones need minimum period to finish, just 9 weeks from seed. Plants grow as compact as 40-75 cm; they turn blue; they turn blue in ideal growing conditions and produce between 15-35 gr of marijuana per plant. Outdoors, they perform well in all European/US countries with no particular difficulties noticed and ready in August. Flowering plants are densely resinous; they develop compact, very aromatic, buds full of THC juices.

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